Zane Nelson, PhD

Psychologist, Suicidologist.


My job is to help you become the kind of person that you want to become, not the kind of person that I want you to become. I am not an ivory tower academic: I like to work directly "in the trenches" with my patients. My depth and breadth of personal experience have improved my ability to empathize and understand.


A confidant is someone that you can tell anything to while having the confidence and trust that they won't make it worse.


I do not take a Procrustean (one size fits all) approach in my practice. I treat all of my patients with respect and do not discredit or devalue their personal ideals.


I strive to be honest and forthright with all of my patients. I work with patients that adhere to diverse value systems, all of which I respect in my practice.


Licensed Psychologist (Idaho #PSY84). I work with other doctors and mental health specialists in the area to find appropriate care and support when necessary.


My expansive professional and educational experiences have helped to broaden my perspective. I have worked with colleagues and patients from a vast array of backgrounds and environments.


B.A. Brigham Young University.
M.A. University of Wyoming.
PhD Brigham Young University.


I completed my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at The Phipps Psychiatric Center at The Johns Hopkins University. I also enjoy teaching and have had faculty appointments at four universities.


I have over forty years of experience as a clinician and clinical director. My work focuses on suicide, crisis intervention, mental health, substance related problems, and marital and family counseling.


Office: Boise Psychological Services

Address: 315 North Allumbaugh Boise, ID 83704

Phone: 208-376-1611

Fax: 208-376-9792


I have more than twenty academic and research publications. I have also written two books for wider audiences, which are available at the links below.